Managing and Leading

Over 25 years in both the Financial and Business Process Outsourcing industry bringing together algorithms and real-world experience. I've campaigns and accounts through developing people that made them live up to their full potential. I have implemented and deployed improvements to business processes through sound data analysis and project management, all while keeping within budget and time constraints.

I now bring my expertise in Data Science, Operations, and management to your organization.

All the charts below reflect real-time data.

Note: we are not licensed financial advisors, and the signs, insights, and data do not constitute financial or investment advice, All investments carry risk which may include the loss of all your funds. Please seek the help of a professional financial advisor before investing your money.

Tracking the Right Metrics

My expertise is in knowing what metrics to track and identifying lagging and leading indicators. I create maps of all relevant KPIs and plan on how to exactly measure them with minimal impact to operations. I also automate data collection, data pre-processing, and integrating into any data system.

Measuring Significance

Generating insights from data analysis is only the first step. I vigorously test and validate any models and changes which stem from insights. I test whether this change is worth the effort from a monetary and resource standpoint. The end model should only contain the factors that provide the most impact with the least amount of disturbance to current operations.

Deploying Actions

Analysis by itself does not yield results. I create sustainable actions that are based on sound data analysis and real world feedback. All actions are predicated on the organization's core values, applicable laws, and the needs of the employees and business.

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  • BPO Experience: Line Operations, Workforce, Reporting, Vendor Operations

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  • Lines of Business: Telecom, Tech Support, Collections, ECommerce, Logistics, and Delivery

  • FTEs Handled: 150 - 750

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